Neck Pain… Most People Just “Wake Up” With It

A stiff, painful neck is a common problem, but one that puzzles most people as to what caused it. Most people just wake up with it. The search for the injury that causes it usually reveals no answers, as it is a "slow injury" that occurs during sleep.

What Causes It?

A large study at the Pain Clinic, Princess Alexandria Hospital in Australia brought several points to light concerning this type of neck pain. Stiff neck is commonly caused by pinching of facet joints, small pain-sensitive spinal joints that can trigger pain in the neck, back of the shoulder, muscle spasm and headache. These researchers found that 71 percent of the patients evaluated at their clinic proved to have a pinching facet joint in the neck. Almost all had been previously evaluated by medical practitioners who had failed to diagnose the disorder.


How We Find And Treat It

In a related study, researchers found that the simplest and most effective way to diagnose this disorder is by palpation of the joints of the neck. This is the procedure used by chiropractors to detect joint tenderness and movement restriction by feeling the spine with the hands. As stiff neck from facet syndrome is caused by pinching of these small joints, chiropractic manipulation is very effective in freeing the problem, relieving neck pain, muscle spasm and headache. 

We Provide The Best Options

Our specific treatment programs are often effective for both acute and chronic neck pain and stiffness. While the position of the head and neck during sleep can allow these facet joints to pinch and cause stiff neck, chiropractic treatment can help alleviate these problems as well as many other causes of neck pain. In our office we utilize the best chiropractic care has to offer to get the best results.