"I first came to see Elite Chiropractic & Wellness for chronic pain from my head to my legs. I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia prior doing this. This has made such a difference in my symptoms I can't believe it. I had come to the point I did not feel I would ever feel better. It is amazing how much better I feel. I would recommend anyone who has had trouble with chronic pain or been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia to seek care at Elite Chiropractic & Wellness to see if they can help." - K.T.

"I came to Elite Chiropractic & Wellness with severe problems in my wrist and arms that had been diagnosed by a medical doctor as carpal tunnel syndrome. The doctor started to work on this and I could not believe the way I responded to his care. I now have no problems with my wrist or arms. I feel like a new person." - G.B.

"I saw Dr. Beasley for neck and shoulder pain I had for several years. It got very severe and I went to a medical doctor who gave me muscle relaxers. I did have my doubts about chiropractic before I went and I was also scared it might hurt. I can say now he did not hurt me at all and I am doing great. I would recommend that others go to Elite Chiropractic & Wellness for their pain and suffering." - T.S.

"I came to Elite Chiropractic & Wellness with a low back problem that caused severe pain in my back and legs. The pain was so bad that I could hardly bear it and it hurt constantly. I had tried physical therapy and medications with no help. I was told by my medical specialist I would be in a wheelchair soon and there was nothing else that could be done. My daughter insisted I seek care here. I have done well since I came in and I am still improving greatly. It's wonderful and I thank God for it." - M.P.

"I went to see Elite Chiropractic & Wellness with extreme immobility due to severe arthritis in my spine. The pain was extremely severe in my lower back and leg. It was constant in duration. I had taken medication with little to no help. I went there as a last resort, as I was told there was nothing else to do by other doctors. I had a bad experience with another chiropractor who was very rough in the past, but had heard nothing but good things about this office. Needless to say I was very impressed with the doctor and his staff. When I first started with care I could not walk but I noticed a steady improvement with care. I have had a very much improved lifestyle the last eight years and I can still golf competitively at age 87. I intend to continue this care at Elite Chiropractic & Wellness in the future" - W.K.

"I went to Elite Chiropractic & Wellness for low back pain and frequent "cricks" in the neck and shoulder area. Any movement caused severe pain. The doctor and staff were very nice and helpful and explained everything really well. Chiropractic care has helped me in all the areas I was having problems plus I no longer have chronic sinus problems I had for years. I would encourage others to be open-mined and at least give chiropractic a try with their health concerns. - M.S.

"I brought my daughter, Chelsea, to see Dr. Beasley at Elite Chiropractic & Wellness when she was three years old. She was sick all the time and had asthma and allergies since birth. She was taking three breathing treatments everyday and had been since she was six months old. She was also taking drugs, including Vinalin, which I knew were not good for her. Although I did have my doubts about chiropractic, I had nothing to lose by taking her to see Dr. Beasley. In three months Chelsea was no longer doing any breathing treatments because she was so much healthier. We started in 1995 and now Chelsea and I are both patients. I would recommend others who are stick, suffering, or in pain to Elite Chiropractic & Wellness because I know they will help you." T.S.

My teenage son was having severe headaches and had been to doctors all over the country including upper East coast. Nothing helped! At the suggestion of a friend I saught care at Elite Chiropractic & Wellness and in a matter of few weeks his headaches were completely gone. - A.R.

"I went to Elite Chiropractic & Wellness with constant severe headaches. I was told by another specialist I saw that they were stress-related headaches. The doctor did a very thorough workup on me and found that my problem was coming from my neck. I no longer have headaches and I am very thankful for Dr. Beasley and his entire staff. I can’t believe how much better my life has been." - K.T.

"I came to Elite Chiropractic & Wellness with a long history of migraine headaches. I had severe headaches with nausea and vomiting that lasted for one day at a time. I generally had two to four episodes each month. I had been to medical doctors and received injections and very strong pain pills but got no lasting results. I had tried everything else before I came to Elite Chiropractic & Wellness. Thanks to their intervention, I no longer have migraines and haven't had them for years. I recommend anyone who is suffering go see the doctor and his staff. They are very friendly, pleasant, and professional and you'll be glad you did!" - J.S.

"I had a bulging disc in my neck which caused pain, numbness, and tingling in my left shoulder, shoulder blade and down my left arm. I had been to other specialists, had physical therapy, and botox nerve blocks. A patient of Elite Chiropractic & Wellness suggested I see him and I scheduled an appointment. I found the doctor and staff to be very welcoming and very professional. I had a drastic relief of pain within a few treatments. I would recommend to others who are suffering or in pain to try chiropractic care." - B.R.

"I was told I would have to have surgery on a disc in my lower back and already had the surgery scheduled when I went to Elite Chiropractic & Wellness. He told me to give him two weeks to see if he could help. I am glad to say he did and my back and leg are doing great!" - G.S.