What Really Causes Headaches?

Ninety to ninety five percent of all headaches are headaches that originate from the neck. These types of headaches are often blamed on stress.

The term cervicogenic headache means "headache originating from the neck." While headache is one of the most common disorders from which people suffer, a greater number of them are being found to be caused by disorders of the neck and upper spine. The neck, or cervical spine, is also one of the most overlooked areas as a causative factor in headaches.

Nerves exit the spinal cord at each spinal level and pass over and between the joints and muscles of the spine. In the lower neck, these nerves exit and supply the sensation and muscle strength to the arms. When one of these nerves is irritated or pinched, the individual often experiences pain and tingling in the arm. These same spinal nerves from the upper three spinal levels of the neck go over the skull and provide most of the sensation to the back and sides of the head, and to the forehead over the eyes. These nerves can be irritated by the same joint and muscle problems that, in the lower neck, cause pain and tingling in the arms. When the upper nerves are irritated, headache radiating from the back of the skull to the temple or over and behind one or both of the eyes may result.


The Consistantly Best Treatment

The most appropriate treatment for this type of headache is chiropractic manipulation. Several studies of this treatment for cervicogenic headache have been performed. Within two weeks of treatment, an average of 85 percent of those suffering have a significant reduction in the headaches.

We Routinely Help Those Who Have Tried Everything!

The more that is learned about headaches, the more apparent two facts become. The first is that most headaches are caused by nerve irritation in the upper neck, and the second is that chiropractic manipulation is the best treatment for this common problem. We have helped many patients who have been to numerous specialist and headache clinics all over the country without any relief prior to coming to our office.