Pain after spinal surgery is common

Approximately 800,000 back surgeries are performed each year in the United States. For some patients who have not responded to conservative treatment, surgery is often helpful in returning them to normal function. However, for an unfortunate number, back surgery is unsuccessful and leads to progressive pain and disability. Estimates are that as many as 74 percent of all back surgeries are unsuccessful according to a published study.

In a study of all the patients who had been admitted to the Johns Hopkins Pain Treatment Program, two thirds requiring this specialized program for chronic pain had back pain. Of those, the typical patient had had an average of three failed back surgeries. In another study, it was found that back surgery patients had the same number of symptoms and limitations of function four years after surgery as did patients who were not surgically treated.

We routinley help those with this pain

Because of the high numbers of patients still suffering from back and leg pain or neck shoulder and arm pain after spinal surgery, the continued search for other treatment exists. Unfortunately, many people believe that once they have had spinal surgery, they cannot be helped by chiropractic treatment. This, however, is untrue, with chiropractic treatment being an effective way to treat these patients.


Researchers at the Low-Back Pain Clinic at the University of Saskatchewan evaluated the effectiveness of chiropractic manipulation on 283 chronic back pain patients. About 25 percent had had prior unsuccessful back surgery. These patients responded almost as well as those who had not had prior surgery. Over 70 percent were significantly improved with chiropractic treatment.

Why we feel we have the best options for you

Those patients who have had unsuccessful back surgery are good candidates for treatment in our facility utilizing chiropractic to get unsurpassed results. We have helped many of these patients, allowing them to return to a more pain free and active lifestyle.

Our office also offers non-surgical disc decompression treatment. While results cannot be guaranteed, many patients have avoided needless spinal surgery or a dependency on pain pills by choosing conservative care in our integrated setting.