Millions Searching For Relief

Millions of people now suffer from CTS and increasing numbers of them are seeking many alternatives. We treat this very conservatively with great results.

Your carpal (wrist) bones form a tunnel-like structure-the carpal tunnel-through which pass nine tendons and one nerve-the median nerve. CTS occurs when the median nerve is irritated.

Surgery may be resorted to with hand surgeons performing over 500,000 operations a year for CTS. Recovery from such surgery may take from six months to many years. The limitations of standard medical care led the late Robert Mendoelsohn, M.D., to state, "Since the medical treatment for this condition is so often unsatisfactory, I have for years been recommending that my patients consult experts in muscle and joint therapy such as chiropractors." We have combined new medical approaches with manipulation to get great long lasting results.


Your Spine And Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The relationship between spinal health and carpal tunnel has been documented by a number of individuals that have found spinal nerve root irritation in patients who had carpal tunnel or ulnar neuropathy. Not surprisingly, when 1,000 cases of carpal tunnel syndrome were investigated, it was found that a large number of those suffering from CTS also had neck arthritis.

Anyone suffering from CTS should see a chiropractor to ensure that his/her spinal column, as well as the wrist bones, is free from nerve pressure between the arms and wrists and the nerves in the neck.

We Offer A Great Opportunity For Relief

In our office we utilize the best chiropractic care have to get the fastest and most complete results available for this common cause of suffering.