PR & WA Wellness Clinic

PR & WA Wellness Clinic

Welcome to PR & WA Wellness Clinic! We are excited to help you on your goal to becoming healthier, leaner and more vibrant! This program is a 6 to 12 month life changing experience designed uniquely for you. It is intense but we think you will find it to be a rewarding journey of self-learning and devotion. We will provide you with all the tools you need to help you succeed.

Our wellness program is very different from many others. Everything is included in the price you pay except for any prescriptions we may write for you during the course of treatment. When we say everything, we mean it! For 12 months, you get lab work, consultations, questionnaires, symptom trackers, high quality supplements, and other miscellaneous needs for your journey to wellness. Our skilled providers include Brad Creekmore, FNP who is certified in Age Management Medicine and Syed Naseeruddin, MD. Our Providers will address any concerns you may have regarding diet, stress, sleep, hormone balance, weight loss, and exercise. For patients desiring Bioidentical (bHRT) with Testosterone Pellets, the cost of your pellet insertions is included. If you need phentermine for weight loss, the prescription for that is included as well.

What’s not included? Not much! Only the cost of any prescriptions for hormones or pellets, if you need these, will require and further financial commitment from you.

This program requires commitment and dedication, especially on the front end.  You will come for an office visit once every week for the first 6-8 weeks.  During these visits you will get “one-on-one” time with your medical assistant or practitioner for counseling, lab work, medication adjustment, and MIC or Vitachrome injections to help jump-start your path to the new you. Weight Management patients will be weighed at every visit. After this the appointments will become less frequent and therefore, require less of a time commitment from you.

Prior to starting your wellness program, we require that you have a physical examination within the last year.  If you had a physical at another clinic, please bring a copy of your records with you, including your lab work.  If you have not had a physical within the last year, we will do it at our facility and it can be filed on your insurance.  Please note:  no other part of the wellness program except for your physical and lab work can be filed on your health insurance.

The cost of our 12 month program is $150.00 a month for 12 months (a total of $1,800). This means no worrying about up-front costs and no trying to keep up with how much you owe at this appointment or that one.  We make it simple and easy.  A full pre-payment of the above amount will be discounted by $200 to bring the total down to $1,600 per year.  We design our plan in a manner to help hold each of us accountable for our goal of better health which does take a commitment of time and dedication.

For more information or to schedule your first consultation, please call us at 731-286-2467 or email us at

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