Weight Management

Weight management

Losing weight is often a frustrating experience for many people, especially when they try to go it alone, without any guidance. At Pain Relief & Wellness Associates our medically directed weight loss program may be just the plan you’ve needed to help you get into that old dress or suit you’ve wanted to wear.

As a medically directed program you can be assured of the utmost safety as we will fine tune the program to your specific needs and monitor you with all appropriate testing.

Obesity is a serious problem that affects many Americans. Being overweight can be conquered. Some people overcome weight gain with proper diet, regular exercise, and behavior modification. Some patients may also benefit from prescription appetite suppressants.

Pain Relief & Wellness Associates is devoted to helping many patients lose weight in addition to many other services we offer. We provide the absolute most caring, friendly, and professional medical care.

Now Available: Lipo Shots and Vitachrom Shots to help you with your weight loss!

Call us at 731-286-2467 today for your initial evaluation and start down the path back to your old “fighting weight” with our medical weight loss program.

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I found the doctor and staff to be very welcoming and very professional. I had a drastic relief of pain within a few treatments.

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When one first comes to our office, he/she receives a consultation to see if his/her problem can be helped by our teamwork approach.

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