Chiropractic Care

We bring the latest bio-technology to Northwest Tennessee through our chiropractic care in a convenient location. We offer a modern state-of-the-art approach to health care through chiropractic. Chiropractic is the second largest and fastest growing health care discipline in the United States.
Chiropractic is concerned with the relationship between structure, primarily the spine, and function, primarily the nervous system, of the human body. It is this relationship between the spine and the nervous system that may affect the restoration and preservation of health. Instead of simply hiding symptoms, the chiropractic doctor is interested in correcting and preventing the cause of the problem.

More and More People are choosing Chiropractic Care

Each day millions of delighted patients choose chiropractic care over addictive drugs or irreversible surgery as a common sense approach to better health. Among these are some of the most famous and wealthiest people in the world:
Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise, Vanessa Williams, Mandy Moore, Denzel Washington, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez, Matt Damon, Wesley Snipes, Reba McIntire, Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, Barbara Streisand, Cybil Sheppard & her children, Demi Moore & her children, Vana White, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Hanks, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Dr. Phil McGraw, Dr. Oz,  Matt Lauer, Bill Cosby, Katie Couric, Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood, Pat Summit, Serena & Vanessa Williams, Michael Jordan, Emmitt Smith, Peyton Manning, John Smoltz, Jamal Lewis, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Lance Armstrong, Nolan Ryan, and Tiger Woods
So why shouldn’t you join these and millions of others who are benefiting from this safe, scientific, and extremely effective approach to relief and better health?

Can We Help You?

You have probably heard how a chiropractor has helped a friend’s headaches or backaches, but it is perfectly normal for you to wonder whether a Doctor of Chiropractic can really help your particular problems. Please visit our Conditions page for more information on a few of the conditions that we treat.

Fast Attention to Your Problems

An appointment for you or someone you know is always available during our convenient office hours. If someone you know needs a regular appointment or emergency care, simply call 731-285-BACK (2225).  As soon as we determine whether or not we can help, we will get started with treatment to help relieve any complaints on the first visit. You can even download your new patient paperwork (forms) from this site to further expedite this visit.


Patient Testimonials

I found the doctor and staff to be very welcoming and very professional. I had a drastic relief of pain within a few treatments.

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New Patients

When one first comes to our office, he/she receives a consultation to see if his/her problem can be helped by our teamwork approach.

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