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Pain Relief and Wellness Associates has taken the most advanced medical and chiropractic procedures and combined them with therapy, decompression, and rehabilitation protocols to achieve the patient’s goals. This integrated approach to your health leads to a more powerful, longer lasting response and an unparallel level of success.

We provide a combination of many services that are unavailable in any other clinic in our area. These include:

Spinal Adjustments or Spinal Manipulation - is the process of applying a quick but gentle pressure to “mis-aligned” vertebrae in a corrective manner. Many years of study and practice are necessary to acquire the skills of providing an effective and safe spinal adjustment.

Research has shown spinal adjustments to be the most effective treatment in numerous conditions including back and neck pain and headaches. This is because spinal adjustments correct many of the structural, bio-mechanical and neurological abnormalities of the spine which cause or contribute to a high number of back, neck, and other non-spinal aliments.

Therapy and Rehabilitation - In addition to offering several types of treatment, we find it beneficial to utilize the latest in therapy and rehabilitative techniques. To compliment the doctors’ care, there are licensed therapy assistants that provide services to help patients understand healing and how to achieve maximum wellness.

Lumbar/Cervical Decompression - This is a state of the art non-surgical procedure designed to relieve pain associated with herniated discs, degenerative discs, facet syndrome, arthritis, and sciatica. This technique provides traction (to either the lumbar or cervical spine region) which helps the vertebrae column to gently elongate while alleviating pressure, promoting blood and fluid flow, and improving health-without costly and invasive spinal surgery.

Digital X-Ray - We have the latest in state of the art Konica/Minolta Digital X-ray unit, which allows the doctor to make a more accurate diagnosis. All patients will receive a report of findings, where they will have an opportunity to review their x-rays with the doctor and discuss the steps needed to restore the joints to proper function. Upon request, we are able to provide your x-rays onto a CD for you to view at home or for your primary care doctor to review. With more extreme injuries the doctor’s utilize various offsite imaging techniques, such as MRI’s, CT scans etc, to provide more information.

Medicinal Intervention - We have found through an integrative and functional approach in our rehabilitation setting that certain conditions require a combination of a medicinal and a chiropractic/rehabilitation approach to allow our patients to succeed to the next level of correction by decreasing their pain with the aid of gentle medications.

Trigger Point Injections - The very gentle injections into the muscle belly where a micro-spasm or trigger point is located can provide great relief in times where treatment is needed to cut the pain cycle. The medications used can range from saline, lidocaine, to cortisone or other more natural products. Ultrasound may be used to more accurately perform the injection.

Joint Injections/Aspirations - There are conditions that can be stubborn and slow to react to conservative manual methods and the process can be sped up through an injection. An ultrasound guided joint injection is an injection of a cartilage builder, anti-inflammatory, or other medication into a joint. The medication injected, is meant to reduce the inflammation and/or swelling of tissue in the joint space or help repair cartilage. This may in turn reduce pain, and other symptoms caused by inflammation or irritation of the joint and surrounding structures.

Flexibility Training - An integral part in all rehabilitation settings, the information is bountiful of the benefits of flexibility including improved physical performance, decreased risk of injury, reduced muscle soreness, improved posture, and increased blood and nutrients to the tissues. We complement your treatment by providing you with the understanding of how to perform home stretches and perform these techniques on you to provide the head start needed.

Sensory - Motor and Balance Training - Sensory motor exercises can return more balance to the brain by selectively stimulating one side of the brain, depending on the side of the sensory stimulation. These exercises can include balancing on one leg, percussion therapy, strength training, aerobic exercises, stretches, cross-crawl exercises, eye exercises and more. It is important in every musculoskeletal and neurological condition to increase the brains connections with the body. We see this therapy to be an integral part in reducing the re-occurrence rate of many injuries.

Myofascial Therapy- As an invaluable tool in our arsenal, our doctors and practitioners are well aware of the benefits of specific massage and its ability to facilitate healing through the treatment of muscular and fascial ailments. Our licensed therapist combine their schooling and experience with the rigors of numerous conditions that are seen in our advanced rehabilitation setting to provide you with the results oriented care you require.

Corrective Exercises – By providing one-on-one exercise training, we help patients re-condition themselves after an injury and help them to strengthen targeted muscles to prevent future re-injury. By focusing on muscle memory, we encourage body awareness and help patients facilitate muscles that have fallen “asleep”. We also offer a progressive resistance workout to help reinforce postural muscles as well as increase core strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance.

Nutritional Counseling - We provide nutritional education including information on the most current, literature-researched supplements. Patients can complete a dietary analysis in order to determine what nutritional supplements and healthy food choices will help enhance their return to optimal health.

Orthotics - Your feet are the foundation for your body. We can now scan your feet to determine imbalances such as flat feet, excessive pronation, or supination. Having custom made orthotics delivered can alleviate symptoms related to heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, knee and hip pain, SI joint and lower back pain, poor posture, and even neck pain.

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